New To Tempus Temporis

This is the second era in the Test of Time challenge “Tempus Temporis” by taliah; if you are new to this site because you have stumbled upon it wandering through the world wide web you are probably fairly confused right now and looking something like this O_o… if so you may wish to start at the beginning HERE.

May it also be noted the content in this site is bordering parental guidance on the mature audience only side (The Sims is teen rated anyway so if you play it you should be right!) everything is pixellated as in game etc but mild innuendo is rife, so broad minded individuals a must for taliah is a tongue in cheek kind of individual.



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Random Refresher One


Funny how much better this looks with some trees in the background =/

Continuing like with yesterday here are some random pictures from the few households I have re-acquainted myself with so far…

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Back in the Game!

I know, I know, it was only 4 months ago I made everyone mourn the loss of life and now I’m like “heck yeah I miss them I’ll just drag ’em all back out and make everyone miss them all over again” coz I’m NICE like THAT! (somebody smack me, I need it) >_>

Funny thing though, before ya’ll get too excited (has done her mourning and now wants to spread the cheer) apparently (coz taliah’s an idiot) I am missing 2 and a half – yes TWO and a HALF rounds………. nobody hurt themselves too much smacking me the first time did ya? Feel free to continue – I deserve it! I “assumed” (which is always the WRONG thing to do!) that I had saved my latest rounds on my external harddrive (where all my backups are) so while cleaning up my pictures folder a few months back I was like “yeah all good just delete delete DELETE”, only to miss my little roman simmies and go to investigate the folder the other day and discover that while some families end at round 17, others end at round 16 =_= seriously… seriously! I was halfway through round 19 when I choked… GUH (excuse her she’s gone to bang her head against a wall for a moment).

Alas, what’s done is done, let us not dwell on the unchangeable (where’s a fricken blind genie when you need one HUH!?).

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End of an Era

I’m afraid this particular neighbourhood is starting to corrupt, or at least do many strange things that indicate possible revenge on the god-hand running it. And to be honest, as much as I love the sims in it, my interest has waned in trying to keep it going and so I am going to claim my quitting it and be done with it!

I’ve turned my attention instead to Nekuia, pretty much another Test of Time inspired challenge but with my own twist, which you can check out HERE. And more recently taken up the amazing Warwickshire Challenge by Heloise which I have courageously (because I’m a total wuss) decided to update HERE.

Thanks for reading along and I’m sorry you don’t get to see what happens to the poor simmies abandoned ;_; but hey… just think how much better their lives are without me meddling yeah?! XD (got nothing else, sorry).

On the upside my new batch of sims from both new neighbourhoods are just as highly entertaining if not more so, as I have a more solid grasp of what I’m doing and fuss over them less, letting them tell their own stories with only minor interference from myself. So please do come and laugh at their expense (and mine, let’s be honest =/ 12 years in this game and I’m still making mistakes) XD.


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Round 17/5: Lichtenberg

I played this so long ago (it may actually have been a year if we’re honest here!) it’s lucky I write notes and take so many pictures or I would have no clue what the heck… O_o

On that note, I have a goal to finish Round 18 (yes, not this round, but the next one) by the new year which leaves me at this time of writing about 36 hours to do that in and so far so good, unless the world implodes or something drastic like that I should get it done (except she just put it out there so… =/ )

I know some really dedicated viewers are out there waiting SO so patiently to see what’s been happening in the Tempus Temporis hood so I’m going to ditch the time consuming quality you’ve seen up until now in favour of an update or two. It won’t be too hideous, I promise.

Starting with the Lichtenberg family where an era comes to an end (at last!)


“… tell me how I did…. good or bad?”

Really bad.

“Bah, my eyesight is so bad I don’t even know if I hit the board or not!”

Well… you got the board… in a manner of speaking =/

*sigh* “Time to call it quits I think.”

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Distraction – Little Victoria

I recently stumbled across a 1×1 set of lots over at MTS and was inspired to create miniature houses that included a lot of Victorian themed designs, which reminded me of a challenge I had going a while back (I know I have far too many!) and with one thing leading to another I got distracted with all that >.< So if you would like to check it out it is plodding along over here by the name of LITTLE VICTORIA also a clicky link available in the sidebar to the right~

I haven’t abandoned my Tempus simmies again as yet; I just keep playing and not updating =/ I’m halfway through Round 18 and I’ve a mind to start doing one day rotations from Round 19 and onwards to see if that helps at all. As I’ve been doing that for two other challenges and am finding it easier to get through each family each round. Oh well we’ll see! I hope everyone else is trudging along~ It’s still the best challenge ever! XD

Hopefully more here soon~

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Round 17/5: Althausen

The Althausen family have been giving that rollercoaster ride of fate a workout over the years, suffering tragedy after tragedy, making it very difficult to keep them alive, and so here we are, back to just one family, the original, and the last, who gave god-hand a heart attack and left me on the edge of my seat – coz if they go it’s show over! Eek DX


The endangered Oskar, third generation Althausen, with his son Elio…

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Round 17/5: Kohler5

A very brief peek at the newly founded “Solis Ortus”; built by the young Emperor Julius Cassius for his personal courtesan Daniela, for her to raise his illegitimate children in… >_> I know, I know XD

Just for clarification; the events you see below happened before the events in Kohler4 (the brothel) in the previous post (I played them out of order just to get Daniela settled).


Solis Ortus is the one in the middle, right below the Emperor’s palace and across from the Colosseum; to the right are the plebian lots, below which is the brothel, and to the left of the screen the funny shaped grey thing is the Roman Baths, opposite the clothing store.

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