Round 17/5: Faulkner8


Twins (yes again) Osanna and Oriana, daughters to Alois and younger sisters to Rosella

“Hey look… look in my mouth, does it look tasty? Bleeeeh!”

“Ewww Ori that is so gross… I don’t want to see your half eaten food when I’m still eating!”

XD kids


“Hey Dad, I suppose you’re not going to care that Ori is using her food and twisted personality to upset me?”

“As long as she’s not wasting it I don’t really care what she does with her food… ooh there’s a good girl Sera! You’re so clever!”


A rare event has occurred! (probably more accurately referred to as a miracle) A toddler in my game has actually learned to walk O.O


I’m so impressed I’m just going to follow her around for a while -it’s cute too! XD


Until Rosella steals the show with her second labour…


O.O and it’s another miracle! A BOY! Who thou has dubbed Teo; I suppose technically you could argue that this is Niklaus’s first official boy as Teo was born in the morning of the very first day of the round, so if we’re syncing up Felix (Niamh’s boy) wasn’t born until the end of the round… =/ yeah? no? Anyway… XD


This pic looks totally suss to me =/ (I don’t want to think about what that says about me XD) meanwhile Alois is kind of disappointed >_> he likes playing grandpa to girls… (oh why why why do I always go there! XD)


“So that one on the floor is your daughter Serafina, and the one in the crib is your boy Teo…”

Strike while the iron’s hot! (did they mean this hot?!)


In the meantime… the twins grew up…

“If you steal that paper Annaliese Kohler I am going to whoop you over the head with a bag of compost…”



“…well I did warn her first”

Don’t mess with Osanna, peoples


Surprise, surprise… let’s focus on the cuteness that is Sera instead then yeah!


Rosella is also a natural born mama XD no surprise, daughter of a babymaker

Speaking of whom…


“Oh no, I’m not a scoundral like that Niklaus that goes around impregnating innocent young girls…”


……yeah he just tries to scare them to death first

“Wow! Aliens huh?! That’d be SO awesome! If you like I can stay over late tonight and we can watch the stars together and see if any appear! How about it?”



“Gabriella Braun, my dear, you are a woman after my own heart… here, have this flower that pales in comparison to your beauty…”


……okay that’s just low, Alois, even for you! XD


Look who’s stealing the show again!

“Oh yay, I’m pregnant!”

“…what’s new.”

And look, the dog isn’t crazy – Elias is right there! Why is he there >_> (really should update more regularly)


Okay now it really IS a miracle – two tot skills learned?! I can’t remember if she learned talking too but I’m not sure I’d be surprised – Sera you are awesome!


And when you get past the obvious (and scandalous) event going on in the background, and then stop cooing over the gorgeousness of Teo growing up into a tot – tell me – what is wrong with this picture?! XD (was so surprised even forgot to put the walls back up)


Awwww cute little Serafina grew into a child… =/ I suppose she’s still cute… maybe… (her grin scares me)


Been there, done that… XD I think Rosella wins this round with two sons to Niklaus – Alois you are slacking off man, I may just revoke your title! Your daughter is thrashing the pants off of you!


Oi oi oi… *ignores the lost pregnant man* I was going to say Rosella should let the man die in peace, but being Niklaus, he probably prefers this way XD yes, yes I did just say that


Ah, peaceful, loving family life at the Faulkner8 lot… I shall miss you… (until the next round that is)


Oh wait, here’s a better shot of Teo first… XD he’s taking after his papa (not Alois there who is his grandpapa, keep up)


Okay what just happened?! O_o is that Vera?! Wasn’t she just recently married?! >_> I don’t know, I can’t keep up! Bad Alois! Put the married woman down!


>_>... judging by his attire, he did, but not exactly how I meant it…

“…you know Rosella, you’re so cute pregnant I reckon you were born to be so!”

“Aww thanks Dad!”

…only a babymaker could appreciate that comment XD

Until next time~

Current Residents:

Alois, his daughters Rosella, Osanna, & Oriana, and his grandchildren (Rosella’s children) Serafina, Teo & Arturo

Just on a side note – that’s Gen3, 4 & 5 leading the way here!

FamilyFunds currently sits at: $7,295

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