Round 17/5: Faulkner9

The latest branch in the ever growing Faulkner family with Dante (eldest son of Thorbin from Faulkner2) and Nicolina (twin with Nicoletta who you shall see later on in the round, originally from Braun2). I’m very sporadic with “heirs” and what not with any family not Patrician or Plebeian, it’s whoever I feel like at the time. As Dante fell madly in love with Nicolina and things were getting crowded over there, over here they come! >_> I hope no other Faulkner’s want to start their own block anytime soon…


And yes, she’s knocked up (aren’t they always?) so let’s take care of that before baby #1 pops out…


I dunno, here I am trying to find somewhere romantic for the lovebirds and everyone is showing up again!


Niamh and Antonio… now I just know there’ll be trouble


Good advice I’m sure =/


At last…


A happy marriage yay!


Guh! Even the townies are dishing it out… shoo shoo!


Thanks for pointing out who that was Dante I never would have guessed as she was!


So he stays to talk… (it’s Adelheid, btw)


Just when I think they’re going…


“Daddy! Hey Daddy! It’s me!”


“Oh hey Nicolina how you been? Long time no see! Wow you got fat!”

“No silly it’s your grandchild!”

“Eh? But I’m too young to be a grandfather!”

“Um… about that…”

Just point out to him how young he was when YOU were born!


What better time to have a water balloon fight?


In this case though – really, really bad timing Dante…



*sigh* “I’ll just go catch a fish then… take your TIME…”


O_o I missed what happened, but I’m guessing by those red bars it wasn’t good…


……and by this picture was obviously Antonio’s fault >.<


“Tally ho…! Oi! I mean it Dad! Don’t go chatting up my WIFE now…”


Not. Helping. Nicolina…


And then she pops out a gorgeous girl, Alessia, with awesome Gen1 eyes


“Hey Dante, long time no see!”

“I know, right? Time just flies around here…”


“Uh… it’s okay Nicolina, I wasn’t aiming to steal him or anything…”

One never knows around here >_>


O_o and she’s running to meet Thorbin…


I should probably be concerned…


Witness alert!


Yay! More babies!


And so randomly a completely unrelated Reimund waltzes in off the street and picks up the baby… O_o


As does Oskar, but at least he’s the grandfather! I do love this picture >.<


I’m pretty sure this isn’t allowed but… oh well XD Juliana, twin to the Emperor Julius Cassius, is very friendly to everyone she meets! And I just don’t see enough of her anyway


Alessia grew up into uber cuteness


And then her little sister Giacinta was born rocking her grandmother’s eye colour – it’s been a long time since I’ve seen this skin tone born into the game too!


Trouble… again =_=

“Did you hear what happened to the previous Emperor and his wife Gisela? He was badmouthing at the Colosseum and got eaten by a horde of flies, and she got eaten right along with him! Isn’t that just sad?!”

;_; it was… it was very sad… why did you have to remind me Thorbin you jerk! *runs off in tears*

Until next time~ ^_^

Current Residents:

Dante, his wife Nicolina, and their daughters Alessia & Giacinta

FamilyFunds currently sits at: $2,569

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2 Responses to Round 17/5: Faulkner9

  1. leopardeyes says:

    Hey I’ve been following your challenge for awhile now and really love your way of updating. I’m really excited to find out what happens next to your simmies

    • tempustaliah says:

      Thank you very much! XD I’m always really happy to hear people are enjoying my sims lives as much I do. I’m sorry I don’t update very often ;_; I really must try harder, especially as a lot of exciting things happened this round! *kicks self up the rear end* total slacker (blames RL). More soon! =| *determined face* ^_^

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