Round 17/5: Kohler


“What’s wrong, my love, you look tense?”

“Dang it, Armin of course I’m tense! I had to wait until my youngest was old enough to become heir and have kids and now I’m on the brink of death and he’s STILL not adult yet!”

Easy peasy…


…lemon squeezy XD hot damn he looks so good in that outfit he can break the rules and keep it!

“Is this better, Mum?”

“Yes, now go knock somebody up quick! I want grandbabies!”


“Oh for the love of the gods how does a freaking lantern catch on fire?!”

>_> um…


“Oh… oh man some dude just died out here… that’s like… that’s like totally blown my mood man, I’m so bummed I’m gonna lose a star…”

._. apparently deaths during business hours aren’t good for business… (who knew?!) and why does she sound like a hippy?! XD


“Hey what’s going on outside? Why are we all congregating?”

“Oh… ew… dead person dust…”

“I know isn’t it totally gross…”

“I think it’s cool!”


“Damn you Armin! How dare you die before our… ow… grandson is… ow what in tarnation?”


“Oopsy daisy… over the dead person dust we go… whoa, that lady is flipping out big time…”

XD there is just so much wrong with this picture I dunno where to start


“Hey, what’s the hold up?”

“Uh… I’m sorry, I’m trying my best…”


“Well your best ain’t good enough, hurry it up! Some of us have LIVES to lead you know?”


“I know but… my folks just died…”

“Oh gawwwd is that all?! Old people drop like flies around here, get over it!”


“What a lame reason for sucking, man I am so outta here…”


“Oh boy did you hear about Petra…?”

“No, what? … oh my gosh really?!”

“Uh… guys, she’s kind of standing right here…”

>_> was that even Petra in the picture? *no coz she’s standing in line* XD


And despite being last man standing he still sold everything in the shop… Friederike you are totally awesome!


“Who cares?! Now I’m all ALONE!”

>_>…. okay, I can fix that


“Oh hey little cousin long time no see!”

“I’m not that little anymore, Freddie…”

“You’re still little to me!”

“No, well fine, but I’ve actually come to look after you so…”


“What? No, that’s really generous of you…”

“But I can help out with the house and the business! I’m really smart, and funny, and…”

“I don’t care if you’re the Emperor or whatever himself, you are not living with a grown adult male while you are still underage!”


“Are you serious? You’re my cousin… besides, in case it escaped your attention there are girls younger than me having kids right now…”




“Fine then.”

“……what, that’s it?”


“So… wait, are you sulking?”


“…….how long for?”

“Until you let me stay.”

“Never gonna happen.”


“Have you forgotten who knows all your ticklish spots Freddie?!”

“AH no! Nooo… don’t you… eeeek! That’s horrible torture!”


“So, I’m staying, okay?”

“……do you always get your way?”

Rhetorical question XD


No surprise to herself but Evelina is good with people, and really good at everything in the business!


“So do YOU have a ticklish spot, Evie?”


“Heh… good to know!”


There, are we happy? XD they were good girls and boys


“…don’t you think you should put some clothes on?”

“What for? They’ll only get paint splattered and need washing.”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe to protect the sensibilities of your underage cousin?”

“You forced your way in here, you live with the consequences.”

“Okay then, as long as you can…”


And from that day on she was never far from his side XD


“…you going to buy that or what? You’ve been staring at it for over an hour…”

“Hmm, yeah… I was hoping Evelina would come and try to sell it to me…”

XD she’s at the til


“Damn Evelina you grew up fine girl! You remind me of your spunky cousin that I’m totally in love with…”

“Yeah I know, we Kohlers have pretty damn good genes…”

That they do XD


Always talking to somebody… ^.^


“Dang Evie you are popular! And how did you work out that til so fast? I’ve been at it for years and it still bites me on occasion!”

“Dunno, just coz I’m awesome I guess.”


Milena: “Omg it’s Evelina Kohler… she’s so hot I wish I was a guy a right now…”

Naida: “A guy? Heck I wish I wasn’t married right now!”

XD... and suddenly it hits Friederike, like an anvil to the head…


“You were right, I was wrong, though I may not be the perfect one for you, you are definitely the perfect girl for me, Evelina…”

“Eh? What’s this?”


“Marry me, Evie! I can’t wait another day!”

“Oh my goodness!”

She can’t believe he fell so fast XD awww pierced love hearts are so cute~



“Awesome, now let’s go home and make babies, I want half a dozen at least!”

“Uh… um… ah… maybe first we should… uh…”


“Hey look at me on this rolling log thingy! I think I… whoa… uh oh…”


“Yeeeah… your delaying tactics won’t work on me, Freddie, I’ve got God-hand on my side and she wants to see your babies ASAP.”

XD so true

Current Residents:

Friederike  and his new wife (also second cousin) Evelina 

FamilyFunds currently sits at: $81,753

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6 Responses to Round 17/5: Kohler

  1. leopardeyes says:

    At least they’re second cousins XD you were starting to worry me. Which is worrying considering that I’m the person who recently married a 70 year old man to his 18 year old step daughter. These two are interesting, can’t wait to see the babies 🙂

    • tempustaliah says:

      I shouldn’t remind anyone then that the first emperor married his first cousin, and Rosella has been having babies with her grandfather’s brother? XD isn’t it just so wrong?! LoL I haven’t gone Oedipal just yet… (yet she says) ;P only in the sims, right (right?!)

  2. You may (or may not) remember me from the ToT thread on MTS under the same username: TheFlyingRaccoon. I just wanted to tell you that I recently started reading your blog and I really enjoy it. 😉 And I have a lil’ question, because I’ve spent hours searching for the male conversion of Nouk’s ponytail dreads but couldn’t find any link that was up to date. ._. Maybe you could help me out?

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