Round 17/5: Kohler3

I’m just going to say it straight up – nothing interesting happens this round with this family! And to top it off, during picture sorting I even managed to corrupt a few screenshots along the way – yeah, nice one me! Not that they were super absorbing or anything >_> but more importantly, there’s a Korbl sighting and cute tot spam if you make it to the end! Yay?! Yay! XD Yeah I got nothing… continue *shaking head at self*











Current Residents

Patriarch Jeremias and his wife Adelheid (nee Faulkner) and their adorable twins Rhys & Rosalyn (I don’t know why but I forgot I was in the Roman Era when I named them XD as soon as I clicked ok I was like – …what?! *is an idiot*)

FamilyFunds currently sits at $23,345

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3 Responses to Round 17/5: Kohler3

  1. leopardeyes says:

    The twins are very cute :). I love the picture of Adelheid framing Jeremias and Rhys (I think). So sweet. 🙂

    • tempustaliah says:

      I can’t resist the sims2 tots they’re just so adorable. I love how they get into everything, if they don’t have toys they go and find something to mess with like the toilet or puddles and leaves and such XD it’s so clever and too darn cute!

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