Round 17/5: Kohler4

I think I’m still on hiatus… ;_; but I missed my Tempus simmies, and as I have pictures from when I last played I decided to share with anyone curious enough to see where I got up to. I have limited time so it’s a lazy update; my apologies *really lazy* just enjoy the pretty pictures ^.^

And in warning… there is pixellated nudity XO oh my…

The Kohler4 family is in fact a brothel designed by Cacilia Kohler who, as a romance sim, was not much interested in being sold off to the highest bidder (she is a third generation direct descendent of the original Kohler family) and with her brother Reimund’s help (who gave up being heir to do so) founded the first Tempus Temporis brothel *applause*

Below we witness one of their most regular customers, Benedikt Faulkner, third generation direct descendent to the original Faulkner family)…


Being an upper classman of the Patrician persuasion, and having done his marriage and family line duty by begetting an heir, Bene here discovered his one true love in the form of Cacilia and thus spends the majority of his spare time wherever she is…


…which is usually in bed, but hey, it’s a brothel… they’re really comfortable beds!



“Dang that girl is fine…”


He can’t resist her XD


“Okay… I really gotta go now… really…”


After a quick dip in the hot spa… which to my complete mortification has become a jungle… complete with wolves!


…perverted ones >_>

Moving on to the other two occupants of the manor house…

Reimund, as mentioned above, and his lovely wife Naida; being originally of the Faulkner3 branch family she decided she wanted Reimund and his “I’m never getting married I’m too busy running a brothel which is no place to raise a family” spiel went in one ear and out the other… thus, here they are…


They’re not twins =/ I can’t tell who is who but one is Valentino (Alban & Cacilia’s) and the other is Viola (Reimund & Naida’s).


……..the daybeds are also very comfortable =/


Now there’s a woman who takes her job seriously! Getting stuck right into things there XD


As expected…


…>_> oops


Not that Cacilia ever lets a pregnancy stop her from her job!


This is Ansgar Faulkner3 by the way, Naida’s older brother =/ who is married to Annaliese… Cacilia’s cousin or some such XD




Still suffering through that morning sickness stage, poor thing…




Reimund: “So… Bene has a daughter huh…”

Cacilia: “How do you know that?”

She has Bene’s green eyes XD Aemilia


Thankfully there are two kids growing up the same age in such a place, and they get along fairly well…


“Whoa… whoa… not so ha..aaah!”


“I just told you Valentino, not so hard!”


“Oh is that what you were saying? I thought you were just voicing how impressed you were with my ball throwing skills…”

XD *brothels are probably not a good place to raise children!*


Great timing Viola! =/ I guess she’s used to such things


The gardener just isn’t making any headway =/


So Cacilia helps her out…


…at least until more pleasant “work” shows up XD


They were interrupted by Naida giving birth to her second child, another daughter, Adelina…


What… you’re only good friends now?!


Oh for the love of… Reimund put a shirt on!

“Why? I’m just going to purchase a new one…”

=_= you’re distracting the workers

“Hey, if I could get a free peek at a hot body I’d take every chance I could get.”

>_> he’s falling to the dark side… oh no… my poor Reimund…

“…was I ever on the good side? I do run a brothel… it’s fun too.”


And then… something so shocking happened my jaw is still stuck to the ground…


Reimund met Daniela, the Emperor’s personal courtesan


…and she is so bad for him…


History in the making here =_= my sims prove me wrong… once again! XD I never ever thought Reimund would fall! Noooo Reimund you’re a one woman man….

*is totally ignored*

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2 Responses to Round 17/5: Kohler4

  1. leopardeyes says:

    yay šŸ˜€ I can’t believe I missed this. Good luck managing all the brothel babies šŸ™‚

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