Round 17/5: Kohler5

A very brief peek at the newly founded “Solis Ortus”; built by the young Emperor Julius Cassius for his personal courtesan Daniela, for her to raise his illegitimate children in… >_> I know, I know XD

Just for clarification; the events you see below happened before the events in Kohler4 (the brothel) in the previous post (I played them out of order just to get Daniela settled).


Solis Ortus is the one in the middle, right below the Emperor’s palace and across from the Colosseum; to the right are the plebian lots, below which is the brothel, and to the left of the screen the funny shaped grey thing is the Roman Baths, opposite the clothing store.


“I get this…”


“…all to myself?”

“Yup, completely yours!”


…all of it



“…I’ve never seen a garden so big before, let alone one in a glass house.”

How overwhelming >.<


JC couldn’t stay, but his sister Juliana dropped by to introduce herself…


“Anything you need Dani, anything at all, you just ask me!”

“Oh really? Wow that’s so kind of you…”


“But won’t the Emperor be mad if you do something without his permission?”

“Oh no honey, if he doesn’t give you anything you ask for I’ll just beat it out of him.”

Who’s the real boss in that relationship? XD


And when Jules went…


…it got big and lonely ;_;

“Wow… I think this is as big as my house…”



Time for a booty call! XD




Knocking some poor innocent girl up and then ditching her in the morning =_= you are such a dog, JC, and don’t think the fact you look like your beloved dead mother Gisela is going to make me soft on you!

“… sure about that?”

………. ;_; no…


And he misses the birth of his child…


Um… okay children…


It’s about here I realised this is third generation natural twins! On the Faulkner side. Gen2 Korbl was a twin (his sister died young), Korbl’s kids are twins (not that he knows they’re his) JC and Jules, and now JC has twins XD ah genetics are fun!

And now just randomly…


While Dani was out shopping for appropriate clothing ACR did this with Niamh and Ezio XD I don’t even know… (can’t remember)

And below, Daniela as she is now, the most envied of courtesans…


Those Kohler genes are something to be jealous of huh XD

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2 Responses to Round 17/5: Kohler5

  1. leopardeyes says:

    Is it weird that I kind of feel sorry for her in that massive house all by herself? Nice update 🙂

    • tempustaliah says:

      not at all! I did too XD so she isn’t alone for long… she’s also making life interesting for other sims in other lots so no worries about her getting lonely and depressed 😛

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