Round 17/5: Lichtenberg

I played this so long ago (it may actually have been a year if we’re honest here!) it’s lucky I write notes and take so many pictures or I would have no clue what the heck… O_o

On that note, I have a goal to finish Round 18 (yes, not this round, but the next one) by the new year which leaves me at this time of writing about 36 hours to do that in and so far so good, unless the world implodes or something drastic like that I should get it done (except she just put it out there so… =/ )

I know some really dedicated viewers are out there waiting SO so patiently to see what’s been happening in the Tempus Temporis hood so I’m going to ditch the time consuming quality you’ve seen up until now in favour of an update or two. It won’t be too hideous, I promise.

Starting with the Lichtenberg family where an era comes to an end (at last!)


“… tell me how I did…. good or bad?”

Really bad.

“Bah, my eyesight is so bad I don’t even know if I hit the board or not!”

Well… you got the board… in a manner of speaking =/

*sigh* “Time to call it quits I think.”


“I can’t tell you how weird it is to see you looking so old when I still look like this!”

“….Korbl, only you could say that to your baby sister and not get slapped for it.”

“Oh? I didn’t mean you look bad, you look good in fact! But if it makes you feel better you can slap me for it anyway.”


“Haha, I’m too old to be slapping people anyway…”

“Aww then get Giannina to do it, I bet she has a heck of a swing just like her Mum.”

“Hmm… that she does…”


Then ensued a long and meaningful discussion about marriage, or at the very least family, as Ziska is the last of their generation she was concerned that her cursed brother Korbl was going to get so lonely he would eventually go insane, or something equally terrifying (he’s a family sim btw)


“What if you start kissing sack babies and chasing butterflies off a cliff!”

“I don’t think there are cliffs in sim land so…”


“What’s the point of living forever if you’ve got nobody that cares you’re alive?”


“For starters, I’ve got Jules and JC to watch out for, and the rest of our extended family, but that’s all beside the point you know because I’m cursed – it wouldn’t be a curse if it was fun now would it?”

“Well why don’t you do something about it then? Marry the first girl to come along and…”


“It doesn’t work like that; in punishment for wishing for what I wanted instead of working for it I have to find the girl of my dreams, live faithfully married for an entire lifespan, and have a bucketload of kids… or something like that.”

“Oh…right, well that sucks.”

“Hmm, I’m okay with it. I’m pretty busy right now anyway with Jules and JC so…”

“Why aren’t you more upset about this?!”


“Why are you SO upset about it? It’s me that has to live with it… for who knows how long… besides, only so many sims in the world isnt there and until the right one for me comes along there IS nothing I can do about it…”


“……….you’re so weird.”

“Only a baby sister could say that without getting hit for it.”

“You hit me and I’ll get Giannina to smack you one!”

“Haha if you wish it…”


“It was good to see you again, Z, keep a spot warm for me over there okay?”

“Ha! Don’t count on it, you’re gonna be a long, LONG, time old boy…”

;_; as I was saying… it’s the end of an era… the last of the second generation Faulkner kids is going…

Not that you would know with how Ovidius is acting =/


“If I put that one there then… no, not there but…”


“Hmm… I wonder…”


“Maybe over here…? Ugh… this is so hard…”

Meanwhile, in the room opposite…


“I have come for you Ziska Lichtenberg formerly of the original Faulkner family line…”

“Yeah, yeah I know, what do you think I’m sitting here waiting for? Just get it over with already…”

“………fair enough, then…”


“Hey Mum! Where did you put the…? Oh hey, what’s with the dreary hooded guy?”


“Wait! No! I changed my mind!”

“You cannot change your mind… in fact, you have no say over this whatsoever you’re dead woman!”

“Then at least not in front of my daughter you old man!”

“Omg mum are you dying?! Waaaah….ack!!!”


“My daughter… you just stabbed my daughter! You’re choking her!”

“Damnit woman at least have the decency to die with class!”

“No you really are choking her…”

*cough hack choke gasp!*


“Oh… I am really sorry about that… you okay?”

*cough hack…* “… in a manner of… *cough*… speaking…”


“I can’t believe he took my mum! Just like that! Mum come back! I’m still a teenager how can I live without you Mum?!”


Hmmm… =/ somehow, I think she’ll be okay…


And thus the life of a teenage sister and her kid brother begin…


“…are you really studying or just reading comic books?”

“Comic books haven’t been invented yet, Sis.”

“Yeah well, you’re a boy, you gotta be up to something…”

“Yeah, it’s called reading a book… something you might want to take up to actually learn something for a change…”

“Hey what do you think this thing in my hand is pal?”

“You have to actually read it, not just sit with it open in your hands…”


Puts herself to more useful endeavours, such as finding a good match…?


“I think it’s really wonderful what you’re doing, raising your little brother alone with the folks all gone…”

“Oh no you don’t, buster! Just because I’m a rich heiress now don’t mean I’m gonna fall for any of your flattery just like that!”


“Dang girl, I don’t care about your riches but that temper of yours is fine!”

“……Nino Braun, you are so weird…”


“Ha! Haaa! You got no parents! You live all alone!”

“Exactly, I live with my irresponsible older sister who doesn’t care if I stay up really late or never go to school…”

“….uh, you got me there.”

Angelo Braun has middle child issues XD he’s the only boy with triplet sisters above him and two sets of twin girls below!


“Okay so I got a fish this big, do you want me to cook it whole, or to cut it in half or just chop it all up and fry it with vegies?”

“If I actually have a choice I’d prefer you don’t cook at all… I don’t want to waste your inheritence rebuilding the kitchen after you burn it down.”

“You could always have it raw.”

“Fried with vegies it is then, thanks Sis.”


Dun dun dunnnnn…


“Hot dang I hit the motherlode tonight boys!”


“Holy cow I can’t believe how easy this is!”




“BOOOO get your own chair stupid old thief!”

“I was trying to… ow!”


“And that’s why we must stay in school and get A plus plus pluses so we don’t become loser thieves setting really bad fashion statements!”

“Huh… then why aren’t you getting A plus pluses, Sis?”

“Haven’t you ever heard the term ‘Beauty before Brains’?”


“Just eat your spaghetti before it goes cold.”


Never fear, he grew up rather well all things considered, while his big sister…


“Mm mm mmmm I do make this dress look fine…”

…well =/ you know, as expected…

I’m going to get slapped for what happens next round so look forward to it XD it’ll be out eventually! I want to play catch up in the next few months so expect more soon~

Until then – I hope you have a Happy New Year~

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5 Responses to Round 17/5: Lichtenberg

  1. leopardeyes says:

    Wow that’s a milestone. It’s always sad when the last of a generation starts to die.

    If you don’t mind me asking what’s the deal with Korbl? I’ve been curious for ages.

  2. tempustaliah says:

    Made me laugh this question XD when I think of how to answer… I’ll try best I can. It’s something I got inspired to do and it sort of unravelled from there…
    Way back in the Neanderthal Era when Korbl was really young , there was a bit of an incident with his younger brother Ludolf and Minna who had been set up with him – Korbl lost >.< as there was no one else to match him up with he went to live with them for a while to make room on the main lot for the next generation, as I adored him and didn't want to ignore him or kill him off. One day a genie lamp appeared and for want of something interesting to do I had Korbl wish on it and from there was inspired to create a bit of a twisted short tempered genie who was in fact blind and trying to hide it (he always seems to pop out from the lamp facing the wrong direction), instead of getting the wished for 10 kids Korbl was cursed with immortality until he finds his one true love (ie a 3 bolt match) where to break the curse he must remain faithful while producing his wanted 10 kids and from there will be allowed to age into elderdom and then peacefully pass on.
    Of course he's been around so long that I've become rather attached to him and the rules have got a bit warped now and then, hence the "korbl spam" every time he pops onto a lot! LoL He's very interesting to watch as he doesn't react like I expect for his starsign; he's a Pisces with 1 neat point, yet he's always cleaning autonomously, 1 nice point, yet I've never seen him nasty even on lots I don't control him, and 2 serious points yet he's always friendly and playful to everyone he meets, he's also a family/knowledge sim yet what I don't show is how much of a flirt he is when left alone – he's so weird! XD

    • leopardeyes says:

      He does seem very interesting.

      That’s a very involved story πŸ™‚ I love it when stories like that just come to me and they just make game play so much more interesting.

  3. Noide says:

    I love your test of time sims! I can’t wait ’til you post again. Where did you get those skintones? I can’t quite find a set that I like.

    • tempustaliah says:

      Thank you very much I’m glad you’re enjoying it! XD my beautiful skin tones are from the very talented Pooklet, unfortunately I got them a long time ago and she seems to have disappeared off the face of the WWW since then 😦

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