Back in the Game!

I know, I know, it was only 4 months ago I made everyone mourn the loss of life and now I’m like “heck yeah I miss them I’ll just drag ’em all back out and make everyone miss them all over again” coz I’m NICE like THAT! (somebody smack me, I need it) >_>

Funny thing though, before ya’ll get too excited (has done her mourning and now wants to spread the cheer) apparently (coz taliah’s an idiot) I am missing 2 and a half – yes TWO and a HALF rounds………. nobody hurt themselves too much smacking me the first time did ya? Feel free to continue – I deserve it! I “assumed” (which is always the WRONG thing to do!) that I had saved my latest rounds on my external harddrive (where all my backups are) so while cleaning up my pictures folder a few months back I was like “yeah all good just delete delete DELETE”, only to miss my little roman simmies and go to investigate the folder the other day and discover that while some families end at round 17, others end at round 16 =_= seriously… seriously! I was halfway through round 19 when I choked… GUH (excuse her she’s gone to bang her head against a wall for a moment).

Alas, what’s done is done, let us not dwell on the unchangeable (where’s a fricken blind genie when you need one HUH!?).

Now the neighbourhood was being WEIRD before which I think I may have discovered a few reasons for; too many households with phantom sims might be a problem, also there was this……


Yeah, that’s right ELEVEN sims on that itty bitty 1×3 slave lot !_! although I regularly get 9 because the game likes to spit out twins, conveniently, when there’s already 7 on the lot but come ON?! How do 2 different women have a set of twins each?! (shaking head here). Funnily enough that poor little head on his own is Elias, the actual “owner” of the lot – he’s also the grandfather to both sets of twins – yeah, sims are twisted (and their god-hands).


Oh nice, Anja, really swell of you… four newborns and a 2 year old in the house how sane would you be?!


……>_> ok now she’s just rubbing it in; Anja on her throne in the background is the grandmother of the newborns, Liviana here freaking out is the mother of one set of twins, married to Nino, Anja’s son… confused? And this was the less complicated family tree I reconnected with… here, take a looksie~ (was feeling industrious enough)





I was wanting to play them like that for a while BUT… I have redesigned the slave lots/houses and moved them all into a different neighbourhood, as such I wasn’t sure if I could move a family of 11 successfully; as I was saying with the phantom sims, sometimes I’ll have plenty of room but this stupid dead sim will keep me from combining another sim/family with them – frustrating much?! Does anyone have a solution to that? I just ignore it but it would be nice to have them actually be properly dead (how’s that for tact! if you’re dead you’re dead dang it!) And their grave is already moved too – dunno if that helped or made things worse but oh well! So I played this family (was forced to – certain sims were at work) for a little while and let’s just say – hectic is fun but… hectic! XD In the end I split them…


“…………….*sigh* anyone else get the feeling God-hand is back?”

“…yeah, she just does what she pleases, as usual.”

Anyone gonna welcome me back?!

*tumble weeds blow through* >_>

So that was the Braun2 family with patriarch Elias, wife Anja, naughty daughter Eufemia (mother to the twin girls Francesca & Felicita) son Seti, and daughter Isabella (I know she looks like a boy right now but it’s a super cute girl!)

Meanwhile eldest son Nino got his own place with his wife Liviana (Oskar’s niece… yeah you have no idea right now do you, no worries, I’m just getting back into it too but he’s the Althausen original line heir and he’ll be showing up soon to make mischief I PROMISE) and their twin girls Margherita & Madalena; okay these poor girls are not going to know how to spell their names EVER.

And this is what happened the moment I set them down… (can’t make this sh*t up)


…….wtf? ……..okay, are they stuck? …… oh… how do I fix that? …. uh… *starts typing boolprop….* – *babies drop* =_= you did that on purpose didn’t you… imps!


Sooo the place marker dies dramatically by the side of the newly dug pond just as whats-his-face rocks up… anyone care some newborns are lying in the cold damp earth by the side of the road…?


……apparently not >_> also apparently the funeral was taking too long…


At least the babies care you died for a good cause, place marker!


So here’s the new Tempus Temporis neighbourhood (minus slaves)


Coz the slaves are in the new sub-hood here


There’s supposed to be more slaves than plebieans but ya knooow… there was kind of a fire (or ten) and a few hail storms (or two) and some PLAGUE, you know how it goes… and 2 slaves moved in with others (sometimes I can change things without killing off sims – I know, it’s a shocker to me too!)

And here are some reasons to check back in soon…

…there’s a widowed Empress with twins to raise…


…and no slaves…



…not that she lets that stop her…


Gisella Faulkner … who just happened NOT to mention that she was in bed with her husband when he mysteriously and unexpectedly and SUDDENLY fell down with the plague that took him in a matter of MOMENTS just after she discovered he had 6 (or 7 and some still on the way) illegitimate children hiding out in the place right next door… *hint hint* >_> not that I’m saying anything in particular… you know… just SAYING…

Or how about this guy…


Detlef (generation 2) Braun…

Last seen here…


…oddly enough with the now deceased Emperor Julius Cassius (suspicious much?! not saying… just saying…)

Here’s a face shot (coz why wouldn’t you believe me)


…with his umpteenth child, coz yeah, in his previous life he had fourteen kids (you can read that again) until he was cursed – CURSED (and then I was cursed coz dang I did good with those pictures and now they’re all GONE!!!… excuse me while I cry for a little bit over here)

…and now here he is with the Emperor’s twin sister Juliana… (not saying… just saying…)



Heeeey Detlef my second favourite cursed siiiiim how’s it hangiiiing?

“So you’re back then…”

=_= Why are all my sims so thrilled to see me?

“Uh… coz since you left it’s been peaceful around here…”

>_>… peaceful is boring! Super Boring!


“Yeah well, can you maybe not kill off any of my new offspring before they reach adulthood because I might just have a chance of breaking this curse…”

Uh… hang a sec, the camera may have just malfunctioned on me…

“…conveniently just chopping off my head…?”

^_^ yeah I thought that too!


Seriously?! The cuteness is killing me here…

Moving on…


Why she’s making this face you’ll have to wait and see…


There also seems to be a lot of ghosts lurking about…


…re-enacting death scenes at will (she could have been a star)

May have already been a fire, too…


“We’ve been on this lot five minutes and you started a fire?!”

“I did not.”

“You did too!”

“I totally did not!”

“You totally did too I can see it behind you right now!”

“That wasn’t me.”

Aunt and Niece ^_^

Oh… right… and maaaaybe this guy…

(for safety purposes all fangirls must chain themselves to their chairs before viewing the next few pictures)




“Hey Gisella, looks like you could use a hand so I’ve come to help out for a while…”

“Weren’t you tracking down an old flame you thought had just given birth to twins that may have been yours?”

“Yup! Speaking of, they and some other random girl will be staying here with me. Hope that’s okay, but… you know, besides this place is huge you won’t even know we’re here!”

“Uh……yeah… sure… no worries…”


“Hey little fella, how’s it hanging in there?”

Okay somebody needs to find out how to get me into this game like pronto!


Heart farting is totally inappropriate for sims in mourning their recently deceased husband!

“I always thought he was cute but somehow since his return he’s gotten way sexy too…”

Okay… seriously!?


…………. seriously *heart farts away* XD

Some sh*t may have gone down and it may have gotten more twisted than twisted (not that we’ll ever know because those pictures also are MIA)

And Korbl may now be an adoptive father to a completely unrelated kid that is in fact the stolen child of an original family line rather high up in the world of prestige…


Aemilia Faulkner (he’s a Faulkner too btw, that’s how crazy this game is five gens in)

Updates may be a bit sporadic as I work my way through each family trying to sort things out before getting back to the rounds. In all honesty I have just a few sims (not all of them seen here) that I want to focus in particular on as I don’t know how much longer the game is going to hold it together and most of all I just want to see what happens to Korbl and find a conclusion for him (at least!) so here’s hoping I’m back again soon~



…Oskar lost the plot a few rounds ago…


…and hasn’t managed to find his way back… =/


…might have to give him a little TLC too >_>

Until next time~

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2 Responses to Back in the Game!

  1. leopardeyes says:

    Glad to see you back πŸ™‚ I feel your pain with big lots, there were a few times in the neanderthal era where I was deliberately getting kids into fights just to keep the lot sizes manageable. The family trees do get complicated in this challenge don’t they πŸ™‚ I love the look of your hood

    • tempustaliah says:

      Thank you kindly πŸ˜€ Big lots are always both horrifying and incredible fun! I often get stuck not wanting to skip ahead but not really feeling up to playing one, and then I eventually brace myself, head in… laugh myself stupid watching the sims get themselves into trouble as they only seem to do with many sims on one lot XD Checking out the family trees recently it’s so fascinating to see how they’re all connected and yet technically unrelated…?! Which makes it so sad just finding out that Sims4 has done away with them !_! I suppose they’re not necessary though *woe is me*

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