Random Refresher One


Funny how much better this looks with some trees in the background =/

Continuing like with yesterday here are some random pictures from the few households I have re-acquainted myself with so far…


If she was saying that to anyone else you can bet she’d be getting slapped; thankfully it’s my beloved Cassia Faulkner (I totally didn’t forget about you and still love you to death!) not that I would ever say that to her face coz she bites =/


“Yo Korbl, looking good.”

“Hey Friederike, hear you’ve taken over the shop at last, how’s it going?”

“Faaantastic! As expected thanks to my sweet little wifie…”

Oh man I forgot about him too (note to self – next time you feel like quitting mid-challenge go slap yourself first) more on him later (I haven’t visited his lot yet) for a quick recap I highly recommend reviewing though check out his previous update HERE.


Let’s just have a little chit-chat while Aemilia picks out her new outfit…

(I love you Cass!!!!)

Meanwhile… for once the townies are ignoring us; Nino don’t encourage them!


It’s like playing spotto with the locals… that’s Benedikt Faulkner in the background; he’s Korbl’s…nephew? (maybe once removed?) Note to self – get some pics of Korbl’s family tree (it will scare you).


And on the way out we bumped into Elias…

“Hey Eli long time no see!”

“I reckon, speaking of no see… have you seen my eldest?”

“Uh… didn’t she die?”

“…say what?!”

Moving on…


“Hey Dad, can I have a fountain in my bedroom when we get home?”

“Sure hon, anything you want.”

“Awesome! Thanks heaps!”

Being the stolen child has its benefits (note – HE didn’t steal her!) XD

“But you have to clean it yourself.”


And here’s where I start following the family/round lines properly playing one day per family, just to get familiar again…


…starting with Gaius Faulkner, who appears to be all alone…


…probably because his family are all “indisposed” =/ it was plague, which has no distinction between rich or poor. Weirdly enough we have a genie lamp >_> probably where it came from… that’s okay though he’s not alone for long, because look!


He has the hots for his cousin (umpteenth removed) Giannina Lichtenberg.

13002 13003 13004 13005 13006

From afar I thought they looked similar but then I did this…


Turns out his eyes aren’t green (obviously I was temporarily colour blind) and it’s fairly obvious now Giannina has Kohler in her blood while Gaius is showing more Lichtenberg (she’s the Lichtenberg, he’s the Faulkner btw) genetics huh…

So I moved Giannina in (her mother was Ziska, Korbl’s baby sister)


“Ooh Gaius you are smokin…”

“Uh… Giannina? I’m over here…”

“Eh? Oh you are too… I mean, I totally knew that!”

Genie in her blood?


Making up for it XD


And my timing was awesome (forgot about the school bus) coz you know Gaius is only 13 *cough cradle snatcher cough* while Giannina is 22… ^_^ what?

“I’ll be here… waiting for you… when you get home….”

“I look forward to it… I’ll just be going now…”

“You have such pretty eyes… what colour are they?”

“Heh… thanks… eh? Uh… blue…?”

“Oh… okay, have a good day at school sweetie…”

“Okay… I’m just going now…”

“Okay byeee….”

*cavities anyone*


“Hmmm… good solid foundation… traditional layout… not much here really… I can work with this!”


First things first though… (romans, right?) XD

So later on this happened…

13134 13138 13142

And then this happened…

14809 14824 14830 14911 14949

And then before things could get too serious (come on now he’s underage!) this happened…


“Give it to me straight now Gaius; those graves out the front… they’re not for show, are they?”

“Um… no…?”

“So this house could be haunted, right?”

“Um… could be…?”

“I thought as much.”

“What makes you think that?”


“Because the door just opened by itself…”

“Maybe it was the wind?”


“…nope, pretty sure it wasn’t the wind.”


“It’s such a shame your sister died so young. I hear in the future they can freeze bodies with illnesses and reanimate them when they have cures so they can live long and happy lives!”

“….how exactly do you know that?”



“Oh… hey Mum” (so Giannina isn’t crazy after all)

“Hey Son, I like what you’ve done with the place.”

“Uh… I haven’t done anything…?”


Now back just briefly to Luna (the princess palace) where I was there for a little bit more than just to perve on Detlef… honest >_>


Oh gawd the cuteness! XD spare me…!

85103 85134 85208


And then this happened…



It’s a girl!


…times two! XD


After this I popped in briefly to Solis Ortus where the Emperor was keeping his illegits and all that!

Left to run riot the kids appeared to be having a ball…

94154 94247 94327


Daniela, the first, spent her time painting away her worries (I don’t think she thinks she has any though)


Nicoletta, the second and eldest had been napping most the day…


And no wonder with this brood to care for…


“Now when you get older, you find a rich man and you let him knock you up, that way you can live in a nice big house all expenses paid just like mama!”

“Um… not that I really understand what you’re saying, but… is that really the sort of parental advice you want to be giving me?”

“Hey… worked for me. And now that he’s carked it I don’t even have to entertain him anymore… right, that’s a good idea… make him an OLD rich man…”



Sporty Nicoletta somehow found time to get fit (there may have been a futuristic weight machine involved)


And then her twins grew up… double cuteness!


And here’s the boy (yes I totally forgot his name already) sporting his great-great granddaddy’s eyeballs! Took 5 generations but we’re starting to get a genetic resurrection going on here!

Reality hollers and so for now I leave it there.

More extended Faulkner family goodness next time, until then~

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