I, Taliah, have been playing the “A Test of Time Challenge” for 3 years now and it has gone far beyond what I expected; from the original five families I have about 24 (I say “about” because it seems to change every round these days) and had at one point over 150 sims, which, thanks to the brutal Roman Era, has been whittled down to around 100 (I’m not quite sure, sims die, sims are born, ya know how it goes…).

I’m very attached to my sims, and though updating is difficult these days I shall do my best to persevere! Hence the changeover to WordPress here, as I find it is much quicker for me to upload my ridiculously large sized updates and (I think) easier for people to read and understand what’s going on rather than cramping it all into a little box =/ though, both weebly and wordpress have their pros and cons… let’s not debate that there though ay!

I hope you all enjoy reading the lives of my warped (and totally immoral) sims as they journey onward from here through the ups and downs from Roman, to Dark Ages, to Medieval & Renaissance, Exploration & Colonisation, Victorian, Depression and – fingers and toes and everything possible crossed both the game disc and my computer hold out – to the Modern times! >_>

Original rules (majorly brutalised by me) by Swallowtail87.

Join the rest of the awesome group that are the ATOT simmers HERE (warning: this challenge is addictive and this group will easily hypnotise you into joining that which is not easily broken free of! So at your OWN RISK okay?!) ^_^

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