Round 17/5: Kohler4

I think I’m still on hiatus… ;_; but I missed my Tempus simmies, and as I have pictures from when I last played I decided to share with anyone curious enough to see where I got up to. I have limited time so it’s a lazy update; my apologies *really lazy* just enjoy the pretty pictures ^.^

And in warning… there is pixellated nudity XO oh my…

The Kohler4 family is in fact a brothel designed by Cacilia Kohler who, as a romance sim, was not much interested in being sold off to the highest bidder (she is a third generation direct descendent of the original Kohler family) and with her brother Reimund’s help (who gave up being heir to do so) founded the first Tempus Temporis brothel *applause*

Below we witness one of their most regular customers, Benedikt Faulkner, third generation direct descendent to the original Faulkner family)…


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Hey All, this is just a quick note to say that this challenge is on a temporary hiatus.

I have given in to temptation to follow inspiration for a new version of the test of time challenge, which can be followed HERE.

It’s only very loosely based on the original challenge with new rules that I am making up as I go along; some are permanent in an attempt for population control, while some are just a matter of “wait and see” until I get that far along to know if it’s working or not.

As such if it all fails I shall return post haste to this; and in the case that I succeed… I guess I’ll be with it for a while longerĀ  huh >_>

Anyhoo~ ^_^ thanks for following here and to any who continue to do so with the new challenge I hope I can make it just as entertaining if not more so! Adieu~

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Round 17/5: Kohler3

I’m just going to say it straight up – nothing interesting happens this round with this family! And to top it off, during picture sorting I even managed to corrupt a few screenshots along the way – yeah, nice one me! Not that they were super absorbing or anything >_> but more importantly, there’s a Korbl sighting and cute tot spam if you make it to the end! Yay?! Yay! XD Yeah I got nothing… continue *shaking head at self*


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Round 17/5: Kohler2


“Eh? The Emperor? Is this a joke…? EH?! You mean the Emperor really wants to go on a date with ME?!”

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Round 17/5: Kohler


“What’s wrong, my love, you look tense?”

“Dang it, Armin of course I’m tense! I had to wait until my youngest was old enough to become heir and have kids and now I’m on the brink of death and he’s STILL not adult yet!”

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Round 17/5: Faulkner9

The latest branch in the ever growing Faulkner family with Dante (eldest son of Thorbin from Faulkner2) and Nicolina (twin with Nicoletta who you shall see later on in the round, originally from Braun2). I’m very sporadic with “heirs” and what not with any family not Patrician or Plebeian, it’s whoever I feel like at the time. As Dante fell madly in love with Nicolina and things were getting crowded over there, over here they come! >_> I hope no other Faulkner’s want to start their own block anytime soon…


And yes, she’s knocked up (aren’t they always?) so let’s take care of that before baby #1 pops out…

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Round 17/5: Faulkner8


Twins (yes again) Osanna and Oriana, daughters to Alois and younger sisters to Rosella

“Hey look… look in my mouth, does it look tasty? Bleeeeh!”

“Ewww Ori that is so gross… I don’t want to see your half eaten food when I’m still eating!”

XD kids

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